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How to Sell Your Car Online: Online Safety

When performing any online transaction you should always observe caution. Generally, anything that appears too good to be true probably is. has many built-in safeguards to help protect its users. is a pure Free classified listing service designed to connect online car sellers with online car buyers, we do not provide any additional services to assist in the buying or selling of cars.

With offering visibility for your car ad all around the world, the potential to be approached by online scammers is a sobering reality.

A quick search on the internet for "online car scams" will reveal many websites and lots of information about the current or new scams being used on the internet.

The support team at reviews every ad to help eliminate fraud and insure the quality of the ads and users on the website. uses an anonymous email system to prevent bots and scammers from access to your real email address. shows buyers only the ZIP code region where your car is located, if you are meeting a potential buyer you can choose a public place to meet them and show the car. requires a photo, you can tell a lot about a car ad from the photo, just by requiring a photo for every car ad we list eliminates many misleading ads and improves the quality of as a whole.

Protect yourself and your family from various forms of Internet fraud:
To learn about various forms of Internet fraud visit the following web sites.