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How to Sell Your Car Online: Photo Tips

A good photograph conveys a message. Take your time, a little extra attention to detail will go a long way.

Remember you're selling a car, how would like to see it displayed if you were buying it? You would want to see everything.

Thoroughly wash and vacuum your car, a few dollars or a little time spent cleaning your car will have a huge return on your investment by providing better pictures and showing the buyer that this is an owner that takes good care of their car.

Remember that each photo on can be customized with comments. So take pictures of special features, parts and components and tell the buyer what they are looking at.

Take your car on a photo shoot, the more attractive the surroundings the more attractive the photos. Drive to a local park, tree lined street or places such as water, buildings, mountains, grass, trees, the sky or other bright neutral backgrounds.

Leave some room around the vehicle "Frame-It" in the photo. A little extra space in front of the car will impart a sense of motion to the picture.

Take lots of pictures of your car and only use the best ones.

Treat your subject matter like the piece of art that it is, take photos from the front, rear, both sides and various angels to take advantage of lighting and the vehicles more interesting features. Guide the buyer through the vehicle as though it were right in front of them.

Change your point of view, you do not always have to take pictures at eye level, different perspectives can create more interesting photos and give a larger than life feel.

Make sure the vehicle is well lighted, ideally the light or sun should be behind you, although light to the side can create shadows and give shape and interest to the photo.

A perfectly steady picture can be taken with a cameras timer and a tripod, most tripods can be purchased for very low cost and will greatly improve the quality of your pictures.

Move away from your subject and then zoom in to frame it, this can prevent a rounded or fisheye appearance to your photo.

Press the shutter button half way and give the camera a moment to focus, then fully depress the button to take the picture. Think of squeezing the button rather than pushing or pressing.

Advanced Photo Techniques:

Do not always put your car in the middle of the frame, use the rule of thirds as a guide to compose your pictures, an image can be divided into 9 equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The places where the lines intersect are considered power points, try and place the car on one of these four points in the photo. Or to describe it another way, try to position the horizon one third of the way up or one third of the way down the picture. This will make your photos more professional looking, while creating more interest and energy in the photo.

Most digital cameras have a two step shutter release button, apply light pressure on the button and the focus locks on whatever is in the center of the frame, press a little harder and the camera takes the picture. Using this technique you can center the vehicle press the shutter button lightly and lock the cameras focus and exposure then while still holding the button recompose the photo to move the car off center.

If you don't have a digital camera:

Ask a friend, digital cameras are quite common these days and you might know someone who has a digital camera.

Most Cellular Phones are equipped with a camera and allow you to Email the photos to yourself, from there you can save them to your computer and upload them to

If you have film photos of the car scan them yourself to get them on your computer or most Pharmacies can scan your film photos and put them on a disc which you can load onto your computer to upload at