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How to Sell Your Car Online: Pricing Your Car

When pricing your car online you should check the appropriate online resources that can give you an estimate of your cars value. Look at the price that other cars like yours are selling for online and consider their condition. Consider the popularity and condition of your car for the region that you are selling it in.

Honestly evaluate the condition of your car, does it have new tires or brakes? Does the car have remaining factory warranty or an extended warranty? When is the next service due? Or does it need lots of work? How is the condition of the paint? How is the condition of the interior? Has it been in any accidents? Is there any body damage? All of these points will affect the value.

Ultimately the choice is yours, you can ask any price you want. You can choose to ask a lower price than average market value to make a quicker sale or ask a higher price if your think your car is worth it and you are willing to wait for just the right buyer.

If your car is exceptional and you are asking a premium for it, be sure you back that up with a good description and photos, show the potential buyer why your car is worth so much.