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Sell Your Car Fast, Easy and Free | FAQ

How can be Free? is free because advertisers pay to appear on so the users get it entirely free.
How long will my Free car listing run?
Indefinitely, there is no limit to how long your listing can stay on, but after long periods of inactivity we may send you a reminder email, just to make sure your car is still available.
How often can I Rev my car?
You can Rev your car only once per day, but you can ask your friends to Rev it for you too.
How do I get my car Revved up Faster?
Email your friends and ask them to Rev your car. Add a link to your car on a social site. Use our code generator to add a Rev Meter to a social site or your own website.
Why do some cars show up on the Home page?
The cars on the home page have the highest Revs of all of the cars in the system.
What is different about
The entire website is dedicated to providing the most visibility to the people who most want to sell their cars, daily Revving and getting their friends to help rev the car will move the car to front pages of and help sell their cars faster due to increased visibility.
How many cars can I put on
At this time we only allow one car per email address, because was designed as a free consumer website we wanted to help prevent users from adding large inventories of cars and abusing the system.
How will you use my email address?
Your email address is used mostly to verify your user account, but also to notify you of messages from a buyer or seller. We never reveal your email address to the recipient of a message or display it on the web, we do this to prevent spam or other unsolicited offers.
How do I describe my car the best?
Try to use complete and accurate descriptions of your cars color, options, maintenance, history, etc. Describe the things that you think buyers will like about your car.
Do you have any photo tips?
When you are taking photos you should wash and vacuum your car thoroughly, try to use a nice setting or background around the car and take your pictures in the sunlight. Try high and low angles to give a different perspective. Take pictures of the interior, engine, wheels or other things that a buyer would find desirable.
How do I contact a Seller?
On each car listing's detail page you will find a contact form. Enter any message you want, then enter your email address and press "Send Message" you will be sent an email message to verify your email address, once you do your message will be automatically and anonymously sent to the seller.
How do Buyers Contact me?
When a buyer fills out your contact form and submits a message you will receive a notification at your email address and on your homepage where you can view the message and respond to the Buyer.
Why do you require a photo of my car?
Don't you hate car classifieds that don't have pictures? Pictures speak a thousand words, especially when you're talking about cars. Because is only interested in quality car listings we will always require a photo.
When you say "High Resolution Pictures" how big are they? currently supports Twelve 1024x768 pixel images for each car. We recommend uploading pictures at least as large as 1024x768 pixels. will automatically resize the photos to several appropriate web sizes to maximize the speed and quality of your car listing.